Aug 25, 2010

I just can't believe it was all a lie, no man in the moon, just a big light in the sky. I hear Disneyland might lose Mickey Mouse in some giant hostile corporate shake-up. Tell me it's a nightmare, please wake me up. I found a book of matches from someplace we've never been, how come you hang the phone up the minute I walk in? Last night I had this dream, that I was losing you. I woke up in a cold sweat shaking, rescue me, my heart is breaking.


Anonymous said...

CHE hacé tu blog más feo.
chau te amo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bue no se emocionaba con los signitos

María said...

Dai, muchas gracias!! me alegra mucho, en serio.
las fotos de tu blog son geniales. la foto de 'where is my mind?' y la de 'when the world was younger' son mis preferidas =)
un beso grande!

Mara said...

Tu blog, las fotos,todo. Hermoso. Te amo y quiero hablar con vos largo largo largo y tendido.